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Chocolate Brand ME lentils!

Is it possible to have a direct imprint on a candy?
Do you have chocolate smarties (lentilky) on which we could have our Client's logo printed?
Yes, you can! Yes, we have!

Słodkie Upominki - specialising in designing, production and packing of promotional sweets - as the first in Poland commenced production of personalised chocolate lentils.

Brand Me! Your logo lentils & dragees is a unique product on the scale of the whole market of promotional confectionery!

Brand Me! Your Logo lentils & dragees is a wide colour range of candies, diversity of packagings, unforgettable taste of chocolate in a crusty colourful shell. And what is most important, the unique FPT Food Print Technology developed by Słodkie Upominki of a direct, edible imprint makes Brand Me! chocolate lentils an extraordinarily effective and efficient brand message carrier. FPT Food Print Technology gives a possibility of a legible reflection of a logo or text on the both sides of chocolate lentils with the quality comparable to a seal imprint.

Available packagings create a possibility of their free customisation adjusted to the promotional activities conducted by the company. A supplement to the marketing messages on the packaging may be a leaflet put inside. There is also a possibility of making an imprint on the lower side of the blister.

All products branded Brand Me! are available from Słodkie Upominki,
specialising in designing, production and packing of promotional sweets.
Please visit www.slodkieupominki.pl

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